Vista Blue Studio Jewelry. Art. Inspired by Organic Form and Urban Vitality.

Wearable Art Jewelry Inspired by the World Around Us

Vista Blue Studio offers a diverse collection of wearable art jewelry inspired by urban life as well as the organic forms of the natural world. This juxtaposition offers limitless opportunity to explore the contrasts of shape, texture, structure and essence, of positive and negative space, of subtlety and clarity.

Our collaborative design process yields a dynamic mindscape of texture, tonality and depth. The result is a distinctive collection of fine art jewelry integrating symbolism and imagery ranging from architecture to landscapes, from the sea to the sky, and engages both the intellect and the senses. Vista Blue Studio's fine handcrafted jewelry is iconic and innovative, whimsical and unique. It is evocative and heartfelt, conveying the form and essence of flora and fauna, of things mineral and concepts ethereal.

A leaf. A twig. A tree. A seahorse, nautilus or sand dollar. A sea anemone or a crashing wave. A pattern created by the wind on the sand. Refracted light and dancing shadows. The way dew drops form on flower petals. Something as minute as a crystal formation, or as vast as a sunset. We find our inspiration in things both mundane and profound. Anything might be creative fodder for a single distinctive piece or the theme for an entire line of fine silver jewelry that is nothing less than wearable art.

Fine Art Jewelry Handcrafted for Quality and Lasting Brilliance

Vista Blue Studio designer jewelry is handmade primarily from sterling and fine silver, often embellished with 24K gold, pearls, stones and enamel. Many of our unique jewelry pieces feature patinas and finishes which illuminate the underlying characteristics of the metal. We employ a variety of traditional tools and techniques, as well as a range of processes from ancient to contemporary.

Over the past 25 years together, we have developed a collaborative approach that begins with artisan jewelry design and continues through fabrication and finishing. Our passion drives us to continue our exposure to new skills and advanced techniques through ongoing exploration, metalsmithing classes and master workshops. Dedication to creative exchange and constant refinement produces a body of work that is ever evolving and transforming. As an adjunct to our work, we also offer a menu of customer services through Vista Blue Studio.

Every piece of handcrafted jewelry from Vista Blue Studio is guaranteed for life. We design everything for durability and longevity. It is meant to be worn and enjoyed.

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